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Club Policies

Club Policies/Rules (Amended 04/06/15)

Code of Conduct

The Club (hereby representing ASC, Hampshire FC and Hampshire United SC) players, parents, coaches and volunteers agree to respect and exhibit good sportsmanship toward teammates, game officials, opposing players, coaches and parents at all times. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers agree to honor the commitment to represent their team, the Club and the sport with respect. Poor sportsmanship and behavior detrimental to the club and/or team are grounds for dismissal from your teams, The Club sidelines, practices and Club sanctioned events. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers understand that behavior and conduct during travel, tournaments, training, banquets, team meals, etc. are all considered part of team activity/sanctioned events and accept responsibility for their actions during those times. Alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorized prescription drugs shall not be possessed, consumed or distributed before, during or after any game or at any other time at the field or game complex. It is understood that each Club coach signs a NHSL coach’s code of conduct prior to the start of each season and as such is responsible for parents and players in this regard.

Team Commitment

By joining this Club and accepting a position on a particular team both participant and family are making a commitment to the team and as such will make every effort to attend all training sessions, league games, tournaments and team obligations. If there are family or school obligations that interfere with team commitments then it is the player and/or parent who is responsible for notifying the coach and/or team manager before such conflict occurs and with as much notification as possible particularly for league games and tournaments. Players can demonstrate their commitment to the team by showing good sportsmanship, being on time to all training sessions/games and overall preparedness.


The Club is committed to player safety. Please visit the following the CDC websites for more information regarding this important subject. If you suspect your child has suffered a concussion we recommend seeking medical attention immediately. The first link is to learn about concussion symptoms.  The second link is to take the CDC Heads Up training course.  All coaches are required to take this and we suggest parents do as well.




Playing Up Policy

Club players will play with their appropriate age group based on the Age Matrix established by US Youth Soccer. If Club officials determine that a player would benefit substantially from playing up, the family will be contacted to discuss the player's options. Playing up on a team one season does not guarantee a player will continue to do so.  Playing up decisions will be made by the DOC in conjunction with team coaches and at DOC’s discretion, the board of directors. Such decisions will be the exception not the norm and the decision will be based on what is best for that player’s soccer development as well as what is best for the team.

Playing Time

The Club is dedicated to the development of all its players. Coaches strive to balance playing time as much as possible, taking into account both the needs of the individual player and the needs of the team as a whole. Beginning at U12, playing time gradually transitions from approximately equal to earned, and during tournaments, including State Cup, playing time may not be approximately equal if it is in the best interest of the team for advancement. Playing time at all levels will be impacted by player commitment and attitude.

U11 and under:  All players shall play approximately equally. Coach will endeavor to play everyone in every game.
U12 - U14:  All players shall play a meaningful part of the season but may vary game by game. Playing time during the end of the season to advance in standings to qualify for playoffs, State Cup and tournament games may be adjusted for the benefit of the team to advance.
U15 and above:  Playing time is not equal or guaranteed and must be earned. Coaches will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all players get some playing time.

Severe Weather Guidelines

1. Training sessions and games are played in most any weather however if there is standing water on the field or the threat of severe weather (thunderstorms) then postponement or cancellation will most likely occur. The Club does not control when a field becomes officially closed. Depending on field location, we are at  the mercy of the Field Owner whether it be the town or private ownership. If they close the fields then we cannot practice or play games.

2. Team Managers will endeavor to contact parents via email as soon as possible on training days if practice is canceled. Parents should regularly check the Club website, facebook page and their email if weather is questionable. Please contact your Team Manager or Coach FIRST if you are uncertain, or weather conditions degrade just prior to practice time.

3.  In the event of thunder and lightning, Club coaches will immediately clear players from the fields and seek shelter. If a shelter is not nearby, then players should be moved to the safety of cars. Coaches will wait 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning before resuming training.

4.  If your child is playing on a team that participates in a league, the Club recommends that you check the league website, club website, club facebook page and email for game cancellations

Parents:  If the weather degrades severely during a training session, please make arrangements to pick up your player as soon as possible. Clothing recommendation: wear dry-fit training tops, fleece, or breathable rain gear, not classic rain slickers which get very hot as they do not breathe.

Child Protection

The Club is committed to providing a safe environment for our children to learn and love the game of soccer free of any harassment and abuse. The welfare of our soccer players, coaches, managers, and all other volunteers is paramount. Children must be protected from harm, abuse and degrading treatments as well as coaches and volunteers from false accusations.

Because coaches/volunteers are in a position of authority and trust and are men and woman coaching boys and girls, the Club has adopted the “three person rule” to protect our soccer players as well as the coaches and volunteers. This rule prohibits one adult from being alone with one youth. A second adult must be present or there must be two or more youths with an adult. Youth is defined by any soccer player under the age of 18.

The Club has put together this document to assist its members, coaches, team managers, players, and all other volunteers in recognizing unacceptable behavior and acting to prevent or correct it. This is not to serve as legal advice but rather to raise awareness of areas of concern. If these guidelines raise concerns about behavior you have witnessed, you are advised to notify the parents and the Board immediately.

Positions of Trust – Coaches must set and maintain appropriate boundaries, promote fairness, prevent and correct bullying, treat all children equally, with dignity and respect. Coaches must NEVER use their influence over a child for their own self interests.

Physical Contact - Physical contact may be appropriate in some circumstances such as congratulating a child or consoling a child who is upset. However, always ensure that contact is carried out in the open or in the presence of another supervising adult.

General Supervision – The 3 person rule shall always apply. As such, a supervising adult should never be alone with a child in a potentially compromising situation (ie bathroom, changing room, vehicle).

Integrity – Encourage the children to obey the rules of the sport, compete in good faith, and treat officials and our competitors with respect.

Personal Standards – Coaches must display high personal standards and project an image of health, cleanliness and efficiency. Promote, respect and uphold the US Soccer Code of Conduct. Never use profane, insulting or otherwise offensive language.

Refund Policy

Once a player has committed to a team, the Club will refund registration fees for the following circumstances:

  • Player moves away from the Club’s geographic area
  • Player becomes injured and is unable to play soccer for a substantial portion of the season. Medical statement from Doctor may be required
  • If the Club is unable to provide a team at that player’s age level

Unpaid Fees

Any player with dues that are past due (over 30 days), has not reached out to the Club Treasurer for payment plan or has not asked for a scholarship will not be allowed to participate in any Club sanctioned events until such time as the payment is made in full.   Club sanctioned event will include games, training sessions, and tournaments.







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